Mobile​ Basic​ Savings​ Account​

More​ convenient!​ You​ can​ open​ your​ Basic​ Savings​ account​ even​ in​ the​ comfort​ of​ your​ home

Save​ time​ and​ cost​ –​ no​ need​ to​ step​ into​ a​ bank​ branch.​  Now,​ you​ can​ enjoy​ the​ features​ of​ a​ savings​ account​ and​ access​ it​ easily​ via​ our​ Vattanac​ Bank​ App!

How​ to​ open​ Basic​ Savings​ Account​ through​ Vattanac​ Bank​ App

Open​ the​ Vattanac​ Bank​ App​

Tap​ “Open​ account”​ and​ choose​ “Basic​ Savings”​

Input​ deposit​ amount​

Tap​ a​ term​ and​ Select​ a​ renewal​ option​

Accept​ Terms​ and​ Conditions​  and​ click​ “Open​ &​ Deposit”​

Fees and Charges

Interest​ rate​ per​ annum

0.50​ %​ p.a.

Minimum​ Account​ Opening​ Balance

USD​ 10​ /​ KHR​ 40,000​

Minimum​ balance

USD​ 1​ /​ KHR​ 4,000​

Early​ closure​ fee

USD​ 10​ /​ KHR​ 40,000​ (if​ it​ is​ closed​ within​ 6​ months​ from​ the​ opening​ date)

Account​ maintenance​ fee


Certify​ account​ balance/audit​ confirmation​ fee

USD​ 10​ /​ KHR​ 40,000


To​ open​ a​ Mobile Savings Account, please follow these requirements:

Customer should be​ a​ Vattanac​ Bank​ App​ user​

Mobile Saving Account is available for both individual resident and non-resident customers.

Need​ help?

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