A premier banking experience

Privileged treatment, lifestyle benefits and convenience are key characteristics of Premier Banking.

Customer Service at its best

As a Premier customer, you will have access to special banking privileges and services that had been tailored to provide you the best possible banking experience.
You will receive an invitation from us when you meet our premier banking criteria that includes good banking record, a consistent account balance of US$100K and above or a performing loan of US$100K and above.

A relationship officer will be assigned to personally assist you on your visits to the lounge, respond to your queries and facilitate your transactions.

Access our exclusive Premier Lounges, for a better banking experience.

You will get preferential rates on a range of services.

Avail of special services for free.

Our highly trained team provide services at high pace and standards to ensure efficient  and easy transactions.

The Premier Lounge is open longer than the retail banking hall to provide additional convenience and flexibility.

As a member of our Premier Banking community, you’ll receive invites to exclusive events.

Get discounts at selected premium retail and dining outlets.

As a Vattanac Bank Premier customer, you’ll be provided with consistently high service quality at all our branches.

Premier Lounges

Premier Lounges are located at selected branches. Each premier lounge is elegantly designed to provide the premier customer a comfortable, pleasant and quietly efficient atmosphere to conduct transactions.
Exclusive access

Our Premier Lounges are exclusive for Premier Banking customers only.

Complimentary beverages

Premier customers are served with coffee or gourmet tea as they relax and wait to complete their transactions.

Premier ambience

With attention to detail, we’ve furnished our lounges in style to create a premium yet relaxed environment.

Business News

We equip our lounges with HCD TVs displaying business news, and various insightful magazines and newspapers.

Free internet access

Premier customers can connect to the bank's wifi, and may use  lounge laptops.

Dedicated Teller Service

To reduce waiting time for transactions,  our Lounge has dedicated Tellers serving the Premier customers.

Premier locations

Find the nearest Branch with a Premier Lounge, for a truly special banking experience. Please note that Premier customers are accorded consistent and special level of attention and service in any Vattanac Bank branch they visit - with or without a Premier Lounge.