Business Tax payment Service

We provide a convenient tax payment service, to allow you and your business to focus on what matters most to your business.

Our tax service benefits

icon pay in cash

Pay in cash over the Bank's counters or at selected GDT offices where our staff are stationed.

Go cashless - Transfer funds from your Vattanac Bank Account. Use E-Pay Tax.

icon pay tax

Pay taxes due to GDT tax branch and Customs branch at any of our branches.

tax payment receipt

Tax payment receipt is immeidately issued upon payment of the tax.

Patent tax certificates are printed in colour for a small fee.

icon 7 day

Vattanac Bank Main Office Branch at Vattanac Capital - Level 1 is oven 7 days a week, from 9:00 am -6:30 pm.

Types of business taxes

Vattanac Bank collects payments for the following taxes:

For General Department of Taxation ( GDT ) :
All kinds of taxes - including property tax and tax on means of transportation

For General Department of Customs and Excise ( GDCE ): 
All kinds of customs and duty taxes - including import and export taxes


Khmer Riel (KHR).
Vattanac can exchange from US Dollar to Khmer Riel at a competitive rate


The above fees are in accordance with the GDT's announced fees.


The taxpayer already completed own information


Vattanac’s staff completes the taxpayer's information in the GDT system


Vattanac prints out the Patent Tax in colour

Documents required for Tax Payment

All forms can be filled out at any or all Vattanac Bank branches.

All kinds of taxes
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    Completed GDT Tax Payment Form P101

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    Taxpayer's Tax ID card to be presented

Property Tax
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    Completed GDT Tax Payment Form P101

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    Taxpayer's Tax ID card to be presented

Tax on Means of Transportation
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    Vehicle Tax Identification Card

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    Last year's tax payment declaration (Vehicle's Tax Payment Receipt)

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    Car Registration Card attached or vehicle ownership certified by the relevant authorities

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