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At Vattanac Bank, we aim to be open and accountable, to consult and to listen to you. Unfortunately isolated mistakes and service lapses do happen occasionally. When things do not go as it should, we welcome your feedback, complaints and suggestions so that we can make things right for you.

3 simple steps to share with us about your Concerns, Issues or Complaints

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STEP 1 - There are several ways you can reach Customer Service with any issues that you may have:

Chat with us at any of our social media touch points

Reach out to our Customer Care 24/7 at (+855) 023 999 900

Visit our frontline staff at any of our branches nationwide

STEP 2  - We practice a two category complaint resolution approach.

Casual/Verbal complaints – these are usually simple, direct and uncomplicated customer concerns and issues that we could resolve in a very short period of time.

Formal/Written complaints – these are usually complaints that have several related issues, often involving several different parties, has financial implications to both the bank and the customers and may even entail fraudulent elements.

For purpose of accurate data/information capture, we encourage customers to fill in our Vattanac Bank Complaint Resolution Form

STEP 3  - Our commitment to resolve and communicate.

All customers’ concerns, issues and complaints will be acknowledged and resolved within our Complaint Resolution Standards.

All concerns, issues and complaints will be supervised and monitored directly from Customer Experience Unit to ensure a fair, independent and transparent investigation process.

During the process of investigation, fact gathering and validation, we will pay attention and focus to prevent immediate loss or damage (where possible) to the customer and to the bank.

All written complaints will be assigned reference numbers to ease customer’s tracking and  follow-up. All written complaints will receive a formal response and closure from the Bank.

In the event of isolated cases where the customer issue or complaint was not resolved within 14 days, the Bank will provide pro-active updates every 14 days henceforth until resolution and closure.

All valid concerns, issues and complaints will be captured and escalated as part of our internal funnel to capture the voice of our customers for continuous improvement on our customer experience journey.