Browse & Pay

Now you can browse the QR code or barcode history on your Vattanac Bank App to quickly pay again.

Safe and easy banking

Customers only need a National ID card in order to conveniently open a Vattanac Bank account anytime, wherever they are, without the need to visit the Bank. The self-account opening process is so simple, yet very secure.

To ensure that the user is the account holder, the mobile app will send OTP (One Time Password) to the phone number that has been registered to that account to validate during activation. The user will follow up with his own 6 digit PIN that not even a bank staff will know.

For security purposes, to make sure there is only one real user that can activate the account, the app allows activation only on one device at a time. So you know that only yourself is logging in to the app.

To personalize and implement a highly secure app, we allow users to use their biometric identification like Face ID and Fingerprint to log in. So it ensures there is no other person will be able to access your app.

The app will always do a security check to ensure your device is secure to run. So to make sure all your accounts and transactions are safe, the app will tell you when your devices are at risk and will not further allow any usage.

Be informed of all transactions and other notices no matter where you are.  You can check and make sure everything is under control.

We give you full permission to manage your own card. Block your card or hide the info, and unblock any time!

You​ can​ generate​ your​ QR​ code​ and​ send​ it​ out​ to​ your​ friends​ so​ they​ know​ their​ share​ and​ easily​ pay​ you​ back.

Just​ scan​ the​ QR​ code​ or​ the​ barcode​ of​ the​ bill,​ and​ payment​ can​ be​ made​ quickly.​

Fast and convenient

icon 7 day

Banking is not only done at the branch but also anywhere at your convenience. No travelling, no rushing, no queueing, but as long as you have the internet, start banking right away.

Cashless, paperless, and seamless, view your account activities easily through the mobile app. You can now view and download your account/card statement in PDF.

Open account now without queueing at the branch. You can get your new Fixed Deposit or Savings account in just a matter of a few seconds via mobile app.

Forgetting your login credential now is not a problem. Vattanac Bank allows users to reset username and do self-reactivation from mobile App.

We update the Vattanac Bank app as often as possible to optimize our app with the latest technologies and best new features. Stay tuned!

Contact us online or visit our branches for support and eligibility questions with the Vattanac Mobile app.