Overseas Transfer

Easy, fast and secure overseas fund transfers.

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Overseas Transfer Features

Fund transfer via SWIFT - the global provider of secure financial messaging services.


Fund can be received within next working day if no delay at intermediary/beneficiary's bank.


Outward Transfer: 0.15% of TT amount or min. of US$5.00 + cable charge of US$ 15.00
Inward Transfer if < US$1,000,000 : .05% of TT amount or min. US$5.00
Inward Transfer if ≥ US$1,000,000 : US$200
Cashier's Order : US$5.00 per order


Accurate and secured payment channel.


No physical cash carried, increase of risk mitigation on physical cash loss

Correspondent Banks

USD : Standard Chartered Bank, US
USD : UOB, Singapore
USD : OCBC, Singapore
USD : DBS, Singapore
USD : Kookmin Bank, South Korea
EUR : UniCredit Bank, Germany
EUR : Bred Bank, France
SGD : UOB, OCBC, and DBS Bank, Singapore
THB : Thanachart Bank, and Kasikorn Bank, Thailand
CNY/RMB : ICBC, Singapore
AUD : OCBC, Singapore
HKD:OCBC, Singapore
GPB : OCBC, Singapore

Click here for wire instruction to receive payments from overseas

How to conduct  Overseas Transfers at the Branch

The customer must have a bank account with Vattanac Bank to avail of this service. Depending on the amount of money to be transferred, the customer may be required to provide supporting documents.

If you’re at our branch, simply fill out the Remittance Application form, sign it, and hand it to our teller for processing.

How to make a make an overseas fund transfer through internet banking


    Log in to your internet banking account.


    Select the ‘Fund Transfer Menu’ and choose  the ‘Overseas Bank Fund Transfer’ sub-menu.


    Enter the details of the beneficiary, and the amount of money you wish to transfer. You can create templates should you plan to repeat transfers to certain beneficiaries in the future.


    Click ‘Next’ when you’ve filled in the details, and you’ll get a summary of your transaction. Once you’ve confirmed the details, we will send you a security code.


    Enter the security code, and the transfer will be processed.