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Flexi Fixed Deposit

Looking for a fixed deposit that provides flexibility and returns? With a Flexi Fixed Deposit account, you can opt for partial withdrawal of your funds without the need to uplift the whole fixed deposit account. The remaining amount will continue to earn interest based on the original deposit period.

Fees and Charges

Minimum Deposit:

USD: 50,000

KHR: 200,000,000

Minimum Withdrawal

USD: 10,000

KHR: 40,000,000

Minimum Remaining Balance

USD: 1,000

KHR: 4,000,000




Counter Interest Rate

3.40% p.a.

5.40% p.a.

Online Interest Rate

3.65% p.a.

5.65% p.a.


12 months

Partial withdrawal


*Note: Terms & Conditions and interest rates are subject to change at the Bank’s discretion and without prior notice.

Application requirements

Opening an account with us is simple. All  you need is to present your National ID or Passport and to complete the Application form.
Other documents may be required in compliance with our KYC requirements.

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