ATM card

Provides you easy access to ATMs for your daily banking needs

Features of your ATM Card: 

An ATM card is a payment card or dedicated payment card issued by Vattanac Bank which enables a customer to access automated teller machines (ATMs) or other channels. Usage is subject to available funds in cardholder’s Savings or Current Account. When the cardholder makes transaction on ATM/POS, the amount is deducted directly from their Savings or Current Account with Vattanac Bank. The annual fee for the card is $5.

With the inclusion of Vattanac Bank in the Cambodian Shared Switch network (CSS), our ATM cards can be used to withdraw money nationwide at any CSS member’s ATMs. The ATM cardholder needs only to look for the CSS logo on the ATM machines to identify CSS member ATMs.

More about the Cambodian Shared Switch network

Vattanac Bank became a member of the Cambodian Shared Switch ( CSS ) Network in December 2019.  The CSS Network is a project of the National Bank of Cambodia.  With the CSS Network, customers with an ATM card of a member bank can transact at any member banks’ ATMs in the country.  This offers convenience as a customer will not be limited to transacting only at his/her home bank’s ATM but will have access to hundreds of ATMs of member banks nationwide.

Here are the relevant fees/charges when using other banks' ATMs and POS machines.

Transaction type - Other Bank's ATM



Cash withdraw / fast cash withdraw

≤ KHR 800,000 (or ≤ US$ 250)

KHR 1,800 (Or US$ 0.45)

Balance inquiry, mini statement and PIN change


KHR 500 or (US$ 0.13)

Fund Transfer

  • ≤ KHR 4 Million
  • KHR 4 Million
  • KHR 20 Million
  • KHR 4,000 or US$ 1
  • KHR 8,000 or US$ 2
  • KHR 12,000 or US$ 3

Transaction Type - Other Bank's POS





Balance Inquiry

KHR 500 Or (US$ 0.13)