Vattanac Bank and Smart Axiata established a strategic partnership focusing on business growth and data science for the SME segment

Phnom Penh, 15 December 2023 - Vattanac Bank, an innovative & leading Cambodian-owned bank and Smart Axiata Co., Ltd., Cambodia’s leading mobile telecommunications company, have inked a strategic partnership agreement to expand their business cooperation, foster collaboration in the realms of data science, business intelligence and co-creation of solutions tailored for small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs).

The goal of this strategic partnership is to cultivate a mutually enriching ecosystem for SME customers, with a keen focus on delivering innovative solutions for SME enterprises in Cambodia and fulfilling their evolving needs.  These solutions will bring together the prowess of both Vattanac Bank’s and Smart’s profound insights into consumers, small businesses, and corporates, coupled with their digital and financial technology capabilities, all while capitalizing on their extensive reach across the Kingdom of Cambodia. The collaboration will strategically employ big data and analytics, fintech advancements, digital and mobile communications, Google Workspace integration, a segment-based payroll proposition, KHQR and e-Payments, remittances, working capital financing to name a few.

Mr. Anthony Chin, CEO of Vattanac Bank has underscored the partnership's aim to empower the SME community with advanced connectivity and financial management.

"Through this strategic alliance with Smart Axiata, we at Vattanac Bank are eagerly anticipating the upcoming phase of expansion. Our cooperation will harness the potential of data science, business intelligence, connectivity, and financial acumen to support Cambodia's dynamic and significant SME sector, uniting the strength of connectivity. This collaboration symbolizes our dedication to delivering integrated, technology-driven innovation to meet the evolving requirements of our community," said Mr. Chin.

Mr. Ziad Shatara, CEO of Smart Axiata, echoed a similar perspective on the partnership.  

“Our collaboration with Vattanac Bank marks a pivotal moment for Smart Axiata as we reinforce our commitment to empowering businesses as well as SMEs in Cambodia. By converging telecommunications with financial services, we're not just creating solutions, but a platform for innovation, economic growth, and digital inclusions for the SME sector. Together, we're shaping a future that's more connected and financially empowered, reinforcing our vision for a digitally economy and society for Cambodia,” said Mr. Shatara

This strategic partnership leverages the extensive network coverage, advanced technology, and substantial customer base of both entities to deliver integrated and innovative solutions for SMEs in Cambodia. The collaboration aligns with the shared vision to bolster a digitally driven economy and society in Cambodia. As Cambodia’s SME landscape continues to evolve, this partnership is poised to play a pivotal role in supporting businesses with tailored solutions and insights that transcend conventional boundaries.

For more products and services information:

Vattanac Bank:, or connect 24/7 at 023 999 900

Smart Axiata:, or connect 24/7 at 010 200 888

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