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Vattanac Bank’s 18th Anniversary Celebration

Vattanac Bank marked its 18th anniversary with a whole day celebration for all management and staff.

Vattanac Bank  marked  its 18th anniversary with a whole day celebration for all  its management and staff on 8th November 2020.  

The day started with fun activities and socialization at  Garden City Water Park.  The Bank’s chairman Lok Oknha Sam Ang,  President – Lok Chum Teav  Oknha Chhun Leang,  and Directors - Madam Tal Nay Im and Oknha Sam Ang Vattanac  were present to open the festivities and cheer on the 600 staff in their corporate sports clothes  as they participated in friendly competition and enjoyed the water park’s facilities.   

The 18th Anniversary Dinner and Program was held at Garden City Hotel Ballroom from 6:00 pm to 10 pm.  The Chairman, the President, and Director Okhna Sam Ang Vattanac graced the event.   Female staff attired in traditional gowns of blue and gold and male staff clad in dark suits and blue ties provided the colorful and joyful yet formal atmosphere at the ballroom.   The evening activities consisted of inspirational speeches from the directors, staff loyalty awards and recognition, anniversary song performances, staff talent competition, and lucky draw of 18 branded prizes.    

Mr. Chan Kok Choy, the Bank’s CEO, welcomed the attendees and looked back on the bank’s journey of   challenges, excitement, progress, success and hope. He declared his optimism and confidence in the prospects and the future of the bank despite the challenges it currently faced.  He expressed his appreciation and gratitude to those who helped the bank achieve its goals.  

Addressing the 600 management and staff from Phnom Penh and provinces, the Bank’s President, Lok Chum Teav Chhun Leang, talked about the bank’s beginnings and its current progress, and how  Cambodia’s stable economic growth and peace enabled the Bank to develop.  The President outlined 7 immediate measures that would help the Bank progress sustainably in the coming years.  The president spoke of everyone working together in order to go further as she quoted, “If you want to go fast, you go alone, but if you want to go far and stay strong, we go together.”

Vattanac Bank has indeed gone a long way from where and what it was in 2002.