Vattanac​ Bank​ Opens​ Tram​ Kak​ District-​ Angk​ Ta​ Saom​ Commune​ Branch-to​ Expand​ Customers’​ Needs​

Takeo​ Province,​ Cambodia​ November​ 22,​ 2023​ -​ Vattanac​ Bank​ has​ reached​ another​ milestone​ in​ its​ nationwide​ expansion​ by​ opening​ its​ 38th​ branch​ in​ Takeo​ Province.​ The​ inauguration​ was​ attended​ by​ Neak​ Okhna​ Sam​ Ang,​ Chairman​ of​ Vattanac​ Bank,​ Mr.​ Chin​ Kimsreng,​ Director​ of​ Tax​ Takeo​ Province,​ Mr.​ Duong​ Socheat,​ Branch​ Manager​ of​ NBC,​ Takeo​ Province,​ and​ other​ prominent​ dignitaries.

This​ new​ branch​ reaffirms​ Vattanac​ Bank’s​ commitment​ to​ providing​ exceptional​ service​ and​ innovative​ financial​ solutions​ to​ its​ customers.​ This​ new​ branch​ showcases​ three​ stunning​ features,​ such​ as​ Advanced​ Technology,​ Customer-Centric​ Design,​ and​ Phy-gital.​ Regarding​ to​ Advanced​ Technology,​ which​ incorporates​ the​ latest​ in​ banking​ technology,​ the​ branch​ offers​ a​ seamless​ and​ secure​ banking​ experience.​ Customer-Centric​ Design​ features​ a​ contemporary​ design,​ emphasizing​ comfort​ and​ accessibility​ for​ all​ customers.​ With​ regard​ to​ Phy-gital,​ it​ is​ a​ hybrid​ model​ combining​ the​ prowess​ of​ fintech​ enablement​ with​ the​ warm​ touch​ of​ personal​ relationships.​ “Banking​ is​ transactional.​ Money​ is​ emotional”.​

The​ soft​ opening​ event​ will​ showcase​ the​ branch’s​ capabilities​ and​ provide​ a​ preview​ of​ the​ services​ and​ features​ that​ will​ be​ available​ to​ customers.​ Attendees​ will​ have​ the​ opportunity​ to​ meet​ with​ our​ friendly​ staff,​ who​ are​ eager​ to​ assist​ with​ any​ banking​ needs​ and​ inquiries​ and​ experience​ innovative​ anytime,​ anywhere​ banking.

Currently,​ Vattanac​ Bank​ operates​ 38​ branches​ across​ 23​ provinces​ and​ cities.​ The​ Bank​ aims​ to​ add​ four​ more​ branches​ this​ year,​ reaching​ 42,​ with​ plans​ to​ expand​ to​ 53​ by​ 2024.​ CEO​ Anthony​ Chin​ emphasizes​ their​ commitment​ to​ enhancing​ both​ physical​ and​ digital​ banking​ experiences​ for​ their​ customers.​ He​ stated,“We​ are​ developing​ a​ hybrid​ model​ to​ continue​ expanding​ our​ reach​ and​ customer​ touch​ points​ for​ customers’​ convenience​ and​ reliable​ services​ and​ we​ have​ also​ embarked​ on​ our​ 3-year​ strategic​ transformation​ to​ build​ Cambodia’s​ Most​ Reliable​ Local​ Bank​ with​ excellence,​ quality,​ and​ trust.”

Highlighting​ Vattanac​ Bank's​ dedication​ over​ the​ past​ 21​ years,​ Mr.​ Anthony​ Chin​ added,​ “Vattanac​ Bank​ remains​ one​ of​ the​ most​ reliable​ and​ safest​ local​ banks.​ We​ place​ great​ importance​ on​ prudent​ risk​ management​ and​ talent​ development​ while​ adopting​ the​ latest​ technology​ and​ innovation​ to​ fulfill​ your​ ever-changing​ needs,​ while​ adhering​ to​ the global​ standards​ &​ controls​ of​ the National​ Bank​ of​ Cambodia.​ This​ is​ our​ 4th​ branch​ to​ spot​ a​ refreshed​ new​ look​ and​ feel​ to​ reflect​ on​ the​ progressive​ and​ ever-changing​ modern​ trends​ of​ Cambodia,​ one​ of​ the​ fastest​ growing​ economies.”

For​ banking​ inquiries,​ please​ visit​ the​ new​ branch​ at​ National​ Road​ Nº​ 3,​ Prey​ Rumdeng​ Village,​ Angk​ Ta​ Saom​ Commune,​ Tram​ Kak​ District,​ Takeo​ Province.​ For​ immediate​ assistance,​ the​ 24/7​ hotline​ is​ 032​ 931​ 333.​

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