Vattanac Bank App 2.0 And "First Account Opening" Launch


Phnom Penh, 17 June 2022 - Vattanac Bank announced today the launch of Vattanac Bank App 2.0 with significant improvements including a revamped UI across the board, added features, and some tweaks and enhancements under the hood to make the mobile banking experience even better.

In addition, the Bank also launched the First Account Opening. This instant mobile account opening service allows new customers to open their very first Vattanac Bank account anytime, anywhere, in just a few minutes.


The new version will bring the best-in-class mobile app with minimalist visuals, performance enhancements and more great features including taking personalization to the next level!

"With Vattanac Bank App 2.0, apart from our aim to link banking into the everyday lives of our customers seamlessly, we also ensure utmost security for customers to confidently manage their finances anytime, anywhere," said Mr. Chan Kok Choy, CEO of Vattanac Bank.  

"Today, most of the customers' daily personal finance activities are done digitally, so we are continuously investing in new technologies and finding ways to make our mobile app safe, easy and fun to use. Our Bank aims to make mobile banking delightful," added Mr. Chan.

On top of the existing valuable features, the Vattanac Bank App 2.0 offers the following new attributes to add to the exciting user experience:

• First Account Opening: Make a quick, safe and easy account opening online in just a few minutes without visiting the branch

• Personal Hub: Pin anything on the App’s Home screen for quick access (Pin Shortcuts, Favorites, and Transfer & Pay services)

• Customize Dashboard: Organize what to show/hide on the App's Home screen. Users can also modify their default landing page by choosing either Accounts or Credit Cards

• Suggested Features: Experience the best of the app with recommended features that are relevant and compatible with the users' device

• Dark mode: Choose  screen  appearance, either Light or Dark mode, or even let it change dynamically according to the user's device settings

• Improved app performance, faster loading, and much more!


"The introduction of First Account Opening allows unbanked Cambodians to easily access the formal financial system," said Mr. Chan.

"From their smartphones, customers only need a National ID card in order to conveniently open a Vattanac Bank account anytime, wherever they are, without the need to visit the Bank," he added.

The self-account opening process is so simple, yet very secure. Users only need to verify their information via the Facial Liveness and National ID Card detection technology that are fast and seamless, and then start banking on-the-go.

The Vattanac Bank App is free to download from the App Store or Google Play.

About Vattanac Bank

Vattanac Bank was established in 2002by Neak Okhna Sam Ang, Neak Okhna Chhun Leang, and Neak Okhna Sam Ang Vattanac. The Bank has 32 branches - 13 in Phnom Penh and 19 in different provinces and has more than 800 staff. The Head Office is located at the iconic Vattanac Capital Tower in Phnom Penh.

With the tagline Your Personal Bank, Vattanac Bank aims to bring itself closer to the people and plans to open branches in all provinces in 2022.

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