MoU with Health & Wellness Power Team

Vattanac Bank Enhances Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions with Strategic Partnership with the Health and Wellness Power Team

Phnom Penh, 10 April 2024 - Vattanac Bank, a leading Cambodian-owned bank and an integral part of Vattanac Group, is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the esteemed Health and Wellness Power Team, comprising six distinguished healthcare specialists: EKIP Medical Centre, IMI Dental Clinic, ENT KS Clinic, META Eye Clinic, RD Keto Fasting, and the MeetDoctor App. This partnership marks a significant milestone in delivering high-quality healthcare benefits to both Vattanac Bank's employees and our valued customers.

This collaboration signifies Vattanac Bank's commitment to promoting the holistic well-being of its employees by providing additional benefits to specialized medical and wellness services. Through this partnership, Vattanac Bank’s customers will have exclusive discounts on a diverse array of specialized healthcare services, ranging from eye care to liver health, as well as personalized nutritional advice.

The MoU was formalized during a signing ceremony attended by Dr. Anthony Chin, Chief Executive Officer of Vattanac Bank, and Dr. Chheang Sidet, Chief Executive Officer of EKIP Medical Centre, representing the Health and Wellness Power Team. Also present were Ms. Carmen Yap, Chief Human Resources Officer of Vattanac Bank; Mr. Rin Sochea, General Manager of IMI Dental Clinic; Ms. Korn Sreymom, representative from ENT KS Clinic; Dr. Lim Many, Chief Executive Officer of META Eye Clinic; Mr. Lorn Darin, Chief Executive Officer of RD Keto Fasting; and Dr. Not Buntongyi, Chief Executive Officer of the MeetDoctor App, at Vattanac Bank's office in Phnom Penh.

Dr. Anthony Chin expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "By joining forces with premier healthcare and wellness providers in Cambodia, Vattanac Bank is not only safeguarding the financial health of our customers and staff, but also nurturing their physical well-being. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to offering innovative services that prioritize both wealth and wellness, ensuring a holistic approach to prosperity for all."

“As medical professionals, we aim to improve the medical services in Cambodia while ensuring mass accessibility of quality healthcare services to all Cambodians,” said Dr Chheang Sidet, Chief Executive Officer of EKIP Medical Centre. “We can further promote proper healthcare knowledge to the public through this partnership with a reputable financial institution like Vattanac Bank."

This strategic collaboration between Vattanac Bank and the Health and Wellness Power Team is a pivotal move towards a holistic approach to improve financial, physical & mental healthcare access and quality in Cambodia; and our shared commitment to fostering a wealthier and healthier society.

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