Vattanac Bank Cares

Just as any individual who upholds good morals as a way of life, we have always sought to balance the interests of the Bank with the welfare of the community that we serve. It is our belief that the success of community development projects can only bring about greater success to all who participate in it, including our Bank. We promote a culture that is based on a strong sense of community and teamwork.

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Our CSR activities

Through a variety of programs and activities, our employees are encouraged to volunteer their time towards community involvement. As a way to enrich the life experiences of those in need, our commitment to community service include making charitable donations to organizations and participating in events that foster concern for the welfare of people.

From an industry perspective, we support the call for a sound banking system by operating under international standards and best practices, and sharing with the community what we learned from our experiences whenever possible. 

Smile Cambodia

Vattanac Bank continued to support Smile Cambodia in 2020. Smile Cambodia conducted 7 surgical missions, providing free cleft-lip and palate operations to 238 patients. The surgical missions were held at the Smile Center in Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital, and at the provincial hospital in Siem Reap.

Sponsorship to GDT Seminars

The Bank supported three seminars organized by the General Department of Taxation (GDT) in 2019. The seminars were attended by finance professionals and business owners.

Sponsorship to Anniversary of KHR Reintroduction

Vattanac Bank was one of the sponsors of the 39th Anniversary of the Reintroduction of Riel organized by the National Bank of Cambodia at Aeon Mall - Sen Sok City on 25 March 2019. The celebration aimed to promote widespread usage of Khmer Riel that will help contribute to the economic growth of the Kingdom.

Petanque World Championships

Vattanac Bank together with its sister company Vattanac Properties supported the 17th Juniors and Women Petanque World Championships held in the National Sports Complex in Phnom Penh. Forty nine (49) countries participated in the tournament on 18-24 November 2019 where team Cambodia finished 3rd Place Overall. Cambodian petanque superstar Ms. Ke Leng recorded her 4th consecutive world championship gold medal in the Women’s Shooting category.

ABC Golf Tournament

Vattanac Bank sponsored the golf tournament of the 22nd ASEAN Banking Conference and 49th ASEAN Banking Council Meeting, on 26 November 2019. Bankers from Cambodia, Thailand and Laos participated in the tournament which was held at Vattanac Golf Resort. The golf tournament was part of the conference which was attended by banking leaders and top executives from the Southeast Asian nations.

Prime Minister Cup 2019 Sponsorship

Vattanac Bank was also one of the sponsors of the prestigious Samdech Decho Prime Minister Cup 2019 held at the world-class Vattanac Golf Resort on 26 to 27 December 2019. Local and expatriate golfers in the Kingdom joined this 4th tournament.

Vattanac Bank Donates $1M to Covid-19 Vaccination Fund

Vattanac Bank donated US$1 million on 8 December 2020 to Prime Minister Hun Sen to support the Cambodian government’s fund raising campaign to buy Covid-19 vaccine.

Our Corporate Values

Vattanac Bank has fundamental values that breathe through all our operations, ensuring we consistently work towards better banking- for all.

Lead by example.

Act with integrity and commitment.

Pursue business opportunities.

Respect everyone and do not tolerate discrimination.

Communicate openly and honestly.

Progress together.

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