Revolving Credit

For a borrower with a definite short-term cash flow requirement, but with varying degree of funds required over a specific period of time

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Loan features

Conditions are subject to the Bank’s sole discretion in changing it without prior notice to customers.

Loan amount


Loan currency


Interest rate


Repayment terms

1 month to 12 months

Repayment mode

“Lump Sum” repayment at maturity - repay the loan in full or continue “rollover” the facility by servicing the interest.

 Application requirements

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    Completed application form

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    Copy of applicant’s ID/Passport

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    Copy of Business registration certificate / M&A

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    Latest Financial statements and/or proof of income

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    Latest 6 months bank statements, savings passbook and other financial assets

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    Photocopy of Title Deed of property

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    Property Valuation Report

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    Business Plan, if any

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    Other relevant documents as required by the bank

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