Senior Officer, Credit Operations (Credit Assessment)


Head Office


Credit Operations

Application deadline: 

January 31, 2023

Job overview

  • Senior Credit Officer Positions are mid-level staff with experiences in credit field; staff must have strong analytical skills, deep knowledge and strong commitment.
  • To ensure the process of checking and accessing loan applications in accordance with the bank’s credit policies and credit guidelines.
  • To assist in produce and/or checking, verifying credit matter-related reports and ensure the submission date is before the deadline.

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Key responsibilities

  • Prepares and/or reviews all loan applications for completeness and accuracy
  • Analyze financial information to determine credit quality, and document risk factors
  • Recommend and document risk mitigation standards and processes
  • Investigate and understand discrepancies, problems, and unusual situations
  • Direct due diligence and portfolio assessment practices, risks evaluating guided by internal guidelines/policies
  • Assess clients’ financial status
  • Liaison with all branches with loan applications and credit matter related
  • Analyzing, assessing the creditworthiness and identify the risks of loan applications  submitted from branches guided by internal guideline/policy
  • Noting of all loans approved by branches and ensures that it complies with the Credit Policy and guidelines.
  • Evaluate and recommend to the Executive Director/General Manager, CC on loans exceeding Branch Manager’s discretion
  • Maintain information and records of groups and or related party borrowings and monitoring single limit requirements
  • Develop markets and customer groups
  • Prepare and review Credit Card applications for management’s approval.
  • Prepare and/or present loan recommendations to Loan Committee and/or Senior Management
  • Other tasks assigned by management.

Capabilities and experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Banking, Business Administration, Accounting, or any related fields
  • At least 2 years of working experiences
  • Good in English both verbal and written communication is a plus.
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office is a plus.
  • Good at analysing, planning and interpersonal skills

How to apply

If you would like to apply for this vacancy, email your cover letter and CV to :