Clerk, ATM


Head Office


Card and E-Banking

Application deadline: 

January 31, 2023

Job overview

  • Cash loading and unloading
  • To do ATMs balancing report
  • To process all ATM forms
  • Branch Support (Relate to ATM matter)
  • Follow up and renew ATM contracts.

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Key responsibilities

  • To keep update all ATM status from iNet Monitoring (ATM status, cash status, card retained).
  • To go ATMs off-site with IT staff when ATM down or network error.
  • To do cash pending for loading in ATM.
  • To do cash loading and unloading for ATM at branch and off-sites.
  • To prepare ATMs machine cash balancing report.
  • To collect card captured from ATM with officer.
  • To call inform customer in case card captured and all ATM complained by customers.
  • To do ATM daily report from Flexcube DD901 and BI Report (ATM Monitoring).  
  • To register ATM forms, debit annual fee and debit fee for issue new card (lost/damaged).
  • To balance daily ATM cards stock register
  • To fill all new ATM request forms (new application, forgotten pin, Lost/Damaged…etc.).
  • To follow up ATM forms which pending to debit (payroll account).
  • To file all ATM forms.
  • To check status of card retained in I-card software.
  • Do Monthly ATM Reconciliation Report.
  • Do Monthly ATM Problems.
  • Do Daily ATM team’s activities records.
  • To support all branches to solve problems relate to ATM matters.

Capabilities and experience

  • Graduate University Degree related field
  • Good command of written and verbal English and Khmer
  • Conversational and report-writing English communication skills
  • Excellent communication skills and time management
  • Decision making/problem solving skills
  • Good Computer user and ability to operate office machines
  • Highly motivated, team player, initiative, quick-witted, Thoroughness, stress resistant, flexible, accurate and punctual

How to apply

If you would like to apply for this vacancy, email your cover letter and CV to :