Vattanac​ Bank​ Account​

Open​ Vattanac​ Bank​ Account​ and​ receive​ 12​ packs​ of​ Krud​ Beer

Open​ a​ Vattanac​ bank,​ Savings​ and​ Current​ account​ in​ KHR,​ or​ Fixed​ Deposit​ account​ in​ either​ KHR​ or​ USD,​ and you​ will​ instantly​ get​ a​ welcome​ gift​ of​ 12​ packs​ of​ Krud​ Beer. Launch​ the​ Vattanac​ Bank​ app,​ open​ your​ first​ account​ straight​ from​ your​ smartphone,​ or​ visit​ the​ nearest​ branch​ to​ apply.

Promotion​ Period:​ 01​ December​ -​ Until​ stock​ last

Reward:​ 12​ packs​ of​ Krud​ Beer


a.​ An​ initial​ deposit​ for​ Savings​ Account​ is​ KHR​ 200,000​

b.​ An​ initial​ deposit​ for​ the​ Current​ Account​ is​ KHR​ 2,000,000​

c.​ An​ initial​ deposit​ for​ a​ Fixed​ Deposit​ is​ USD​ 1,000​ or​ KHR​ 4,000,000

d.​ Activate​ the​ Vattanac​ Bank​ App​ on​ your​ phone!

Terms​ and​ Conditions
  • This​ offer​ is​ for​ all​ customers​ opening​ a​ Vattanac​ bank​ account​ over​ the​ counter​ or​ via​ Vattanac​ Bank​ App.
  • The​ promotion​ is​ starting​ from​ 01​ December​ 2022​ until​ stock​ last.​ All​ customers​ who​ open​ an​ account​ (Savings,​ Current,​ or​ Fixed​ Deposit)​ with​ an​ initial​ deposit​ will​ receive​ an​ instant​ reward,​ 12​ packs​ of​ Krud​ Beer
  • The​ customer​ who​ opens​ a​ Savings​ and​ Current​ account​ must​ keep​ KHR​ 40,000​ as​ a​ minimum​ ongoing​ balance​ for​ a​ month​ (except​ for​ a​ Fixed​ Deposit​ account).
  • After​ completing​ the​ requirement,​ the​ customers​ can​ go​ to​ a​ selected​ branch​ to​ redeem​ the​ reward​ (For​ customers​ who​ open​ an​ account​ via​ the​ Vattanac​ Bank​ app).
  • This​ promotion​ is​ on​ "first​ come,​ first​ served"​ and​ "until​ the​ stock​ lasts."​  
  • The​ reward​ cannot​ be​ transferred​ or​ exchanged​ for​ cash.​
Open​ Vattanac​ Bank​ Account​ and​ receive​ 12​ packs​ of​ Krud​ Beer

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