Open​ an​ Account​ with​ Vattanac​ Bank​ receive​ a​ 12-pack​ Krud​ Beer

To​ open​ a​ Vattanac​ Bank​ account,​  simply​ go​ to​ the​ App​ Store​ or​ Google​ Play​ Store​ to​ download​ or​ activate​ the​ Vattanac​ Bank​ app​ over​ the​ counter​ or​ on​ your​ own.

Promotion​ Period:​ 07​ September​ 2022​ to​ 30​ September​ 2022 or (until the stock last)

Reward:​ 1​ box​ of​ Krud​ Beer​ (12​ cans)


a. USD 50 or KHR 200,000 initial deposit for Savings Account

b. USD 500 or KHR 2,000,000 initial deposit for Current Account

c. USD 1,000 or KHR 4,000,000 initial deposit for Fixed Deposit

d. Activate the Vattanac Bank App on your phone!

Terms​ and​ Conditions
  • This​ offer​ is​ only​ for​ a​ New​ Customer​ opening​ an​ account​ with​ Vattanac​ Bank,​ over​ the​ counter​ or​ via​ Vattanac​ Bank​ App.
  • The promotion is starting from 07 September 2022 to 30 September 2022 for new customers opening an account (Current, Savings, Fixed Deposit) with an initial deposit will receive an instant reward, one box of Krud Beer (12 cans)
  • The Customer must make an initial deposit as per guidelines (except Savings Account: US$50 for minimum deposit) and activate Vattanac Bank App
  • After​ completing​ the​ requirement,​ the​ customers​ can​ visit​ any​ branch​ to​ redeem​ the​ reward.
  • This​ promotion​ is​ on​ "first​ come,​ first​ served"​ and​ “until​ the​ stock​ lasts”.​  
  • The​ reward​ cannot​ be​ transferred​ or​ exchanged​ for​ cash​ and​ is​ limited​ to​ 1​ time​ per​ person.​ Branches​ shall​ make​ sure​ that​ the “1​ Customer​ 1​ CIF”​ Principle​ is​ implemented.​

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