Video Editor


Head Office


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Application deadline: 

December 31, 2021

Job overview

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Key responsibilities

  • To create concept of the animation or the video based on the requirements.  
  • To create the story board of the animation or the video
  • To create the animation or video using computer software based on the requirements.
  • To coordinate with team mates and other colleagues in showing the animation or video in the Bank’s advertising channels.
  • To take good quality photos, videos and footages when necessary.
  • To work and manage on other aspects of the animation or video editing process.
  • To be guided by the Bank’s branding guidelines when preparing the animation or video
  • To present work with Senior Managers when necessary and get feedback.
  • To conduct research on animation and video editing trends, sounds and music and other related topics that will improve skills and work quality
  • To assist team mates and other colleagues in digital design or animation and video requirements.

Capabilities and experience

  • Bachelor’s degree holder in Multimedia Design, Information Technology or other related field
  • Knowledge and skills in using animation software such as Adobe Animate, Maya, Powtoon etc.
  • Ability in creating animation in different types of artistic styles
  • Experience in traditional digital animation and 2D vector animation. Skill in 3D computer animation is a plus.
  • Able to work collaboratively in order to complete the assigned project
  • Ability to work independently when required
  • Significant attention to detail and patience to work efficiently
  • Confident in presenting and explaining the story board, design concept and or the finished work to stakeholders.

How to apply

If you would like to apply for this vacancy, email your cover letter and CV to :