E-Pay Tax

What is Vattanac Bank Tax E-Payment Service?

The E-Pay Tax service is a payment module within the General Department of Taxation’s (GDT) Electronic System that allows you to pay your tax anytime and anywhere without having you to go to the tax office or to the bank
You can pay your taxes right away after completing your details at GDT’s website

How Do I Avail of the E-Pay Tax service?

 Open a bank account at any of Vattanac Bank branches.

 Fill-up the E-Pay Tax application form and submit.

 You can also download the application form here ( Download E-Pay Tax Registration form ), fill-up the required information, and submit the form to our branch near you.

 An SMS will be sent to your registered phone number.

 Perform a first time login to activate your newly created account for E-payment system at Vattanac Bank’s website: https://vpay.vattanacbank.com/vpay/FirstTimeLogin/ and use the password (OTP) provided on your phone to login.

Why Should I Use the E-Pay Tax service?

 CONVENIENT: You save your time as you don’t need to go to the tax office or to the bank to make your payments.

 SECURE: Vattanac Bank uses 2-layer security system: 1.) Your password and; 2.) the One Time Password (OTP) that you will receive while you are performing the payment transaction.

 SIMPLE: The interface is designed with your ease of use in mind.

 24/7 SUPPORT: Contact our 24/7 Call Center in case you have some queries or need assistance. Just dial 023 999 900.

How Do We Perform the E-Pay Tax service?

1.​ Login to GDT’s Tax Electronic System, complete the respective form with the information required and proceed to payment.

2.​ Select Vattanac Bank in the “Bank Name” list and it will directly link to the E-Pay Tax system.

3. Input your “User Name” and “Password” to login to Vattanac Bank E-Payment Service.

4.​ After you have logged in, you will automatically find a summary of your payment details. Review your details and select your bank account where your payment will be debited. If the details are correct, click the “Next” button.

5. An OTP request screen will appear. Click the “Request OTP” button. Once you received your OTP to your registered phone, encode it in the text box and click the “Next” button to complete your transaction.

Its simple isn’t it? Apply now! Visit our branch near you.


You can directly log into the Vattanac Bank E-PAYMENT using the proposed username and password that system send to you via SMS. Once you entered the correct initial username and password, the system will require you to set a new password. After the successful setup, you can log into the E-PAYMENT with the new password.
Please click on link below to perform first time login:



This section allows you to change your E-PAYMENT user’s password. A new password, that you will use in order to access E-PAYMENT. Minimum number of characters in a password is 8, maximum - 15, out of which at least 6 characters should differ one from another and at least one is digit and one letter. Only letters of the Latin alphabet and digits can be used, i.e. a - z, A - Z, 0 - 9. System is case-sensitive. It means that small and capital letters are considered as different symbols.
Please click on link below to change password:



If you forgot your password, recover the password remotely. To do so:
Click on below link:


 Enter your User ID

 SMS with the one-time valid code will be sent to provided and registered mobile phone number.

 Upon receipt of the SMS, enter the code from the SMS in the appropriate field in the E-PAYMENT window.

 Then create your new password.

 If you have not received the SMS, please call our 24/7 hotline (+855) 023 999 900 or Email cardcenter@vattanacbank.com or visit your nearest Vattanac Bank Branch during its office hours.