Whether it is to invest your excess funds or to make your day-to-day payments, we have the product that you need. Our rates are competitive and you can be assured that you will receive fast, efficient and courteous services.

Young Savers Account

Young Savers Account is a unique bank account designed for parents who wish to start saving for the future of their children.

Young Savers Account provides a special interest rate that is higher than the normal savings account rate.Read More

Basic Fixed Deposit

For those with excess funds and wish to earn higher interest on their deposit. Funds are placed for a fixed period and interest paid at maturity. A Fixed Deposit receipt is usually given as evidence of placement. Read More

Basic Current Account

To facilitate individuals or businesses in making their day-to-day payments. A cheque is used as an instrument for effecting payments and is usually provided by the Bank in its standard form.Read More

Basic Savings Account

The ideal way to save, but at the same time, reserve the option to withdraw at anytime without loss in interest to be paid. A passbook is usually provided to record all transactions.Read More

Senior Citizen Account

Vattanac Bank's Senior Citizen Savings Account is an on-demand deposit account that rewards you according to the balances you have in your account.

A 0.50% interest rate p.a. is calculated daily and credited monthly to your Senior Citizen Savings Account. Read More

Maxi Current Account

Maxi Account is an interest bearing checking account. This product is designed to meet the needs of individuals and businesses with high but fluctuating cash turnover and those who require cheque writing facility. Read More