Who We Are

Corporate Mission

Vattanac Bank's Corporate Mission is to conduct business operations with honesty, integrity, efficiency and accountability to its stakeholders. Vattanac Bank ensures sustainable, steady and healthy growth and aims to be regarded as a strong and secure financial institution.

Corporate Objectives

To achieve a high level of customer satisfaction by providing honest, courteous, and efficient service;

To offer innovative products with excellent service delivery to meet customer’s needs;

To uphold the Bank’s image as a highly responsible corporate citizen;

To create a competent and dedicated workforce through job enrichment programs;

To ensure high profitability through sustainable growth; and

To ensure accountability and transparency at all levels while building trust and confidence

Corporate Values

We lead by example.

We progress together.
We respect each individual regardless of race, culture and religion.
We pursue business opportunities.
We are open and honest in our communication.
We are committed.
We act with integrity.

Corporate Conduct


Responsibility and accountability

Enthusiasm and Positive attitude

Developing talents

Feedback and Learning

Building relationships


Delivering excellent service

Technical knowledge