More About ATM Service

Our ATM Service includes:

 Cash withdrawal from your Savings and Current account(s)

 Transfer fund between your account(s)

 Transfer fund to third party account(s)

 Repay your Fixed Loan installment

 Balance enquiry on your account(s)

 Request for a Mini-Statement of your last 10 transactions

 Request for a Bank Statement

 Request for a Cheque Book

 Change your PIN (Personal Identification Number) anytime

 Place a new Fixed Deposit

Privacy and Security

We know that security is so important to you and the ATM service is designed for your total privacy and security. You will be given a personalized ATM card and a PIN, which will be needed when performing an ATM transaction. For your added security you can change your PIN as often as you like. Every transaction you make passes through the Host Security Module, a device used for encrypting and decrypting your ATM information so you can be assured that your transaction is safe and kept in private.

Eligibility Criteria

You will be automatically eligible for the ATM service once you have opened a Savings or Current Account with us.

Fees and Charges

Annual Fee


Lost or damaged card 


Forgotten PIN

US$5.00  each from the 4th replacement onwards

Apply Now

Request for and complete the ATM application form and hand it to your nearest Vattanac Bank branch. Your ATM card and PIN should be ready within 3 working days from the time we receive your application.

For inquiries please call our Card Services at (855) 023 999 900 or visit our branches near you.

Business ATM Card

Finally! An ATM Service for your business account. Please click for more information.Read More