Term (Fixed) Loan

For acquisition of assets, namely landed property, plant and machinery. It may also be used to finance  borrowers with short-term cash-flow requirements.

Acceptable Collateral

 Factories, shop-houses

 Residential properties

 Industrial and Agricultural land

 Fixed deposit / cash deposit / earmarking of      account

 Specific debenture on plant & machinery      financed by the Bank

 Corporate guarantee

 Personal / Directors' guarantee

Repayment Term

 Fixed Installment Repayment

 Up to 10 Years


 Competitive Rates offered

Eligibility (general)

Borrowers with good track records, strong cash-flow and sound management.

Those in the export, manufacturing and tourism related industries are encouraged.

Revolving Credit

For borrowers, usually companies, that has a definite short-term cash flow requirement but with varying degree of funds required over a specific period of time.Read More

Import and Export Trade Financing

Import: Financing importation of goods / conversion of trade bills.

Export: Financing of exports / purchase of documentary export bills.

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For working capital.Read More