Young Savers Account

Saving for your children’s future

Young Savers Account is a unique bank account designed for parents who wish to start saving for the future of their children. Young Savers Account provides a special interest rate that is higher than the normal savings account rate. It is easy to manage and access through passbook and through internet banking.


Cambodian and Foreign nationals

Parents/guardians with children below 18 years old.

Note: The account is in the child’s name but the parent/guardian is the signatory.

Opening Account Documents

Deposit and Withdrawal Transactions

Parent’s National ID or Passport, or Guardian’s National ID/Passport and Family Book.

Minimum Opening Amount Requirement

Savings Account


Fixed Deposit (Minimum placement)


Deposit and Withdrawal Transactions

Parent/guardian will perform transactions on the account

If the child wishes to perform over the counter transaction, he/she should be accompanied by the parent/guardian.

Key Condition

Once the child reaches 18 years of age, the account will be automatically converted into a normal savings account. Parent/guardian will be required to submit a copy of the ID or passport of the child and sign an indemnity form.

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