Telegraphic Transfer

Receiving or sending money overseas.


Fast. Fund transfer via SWIFT - the world's platform for electronic messages. Fund should be received within next working day if no delay at beneficiary's bank.


0.15% of TT amount or min. of US$5.00 + cable charge of US$15.00 

Service Description

Money is remitted and handled by the Bank on behalf of the customer. Bank will make an arrangement for payment and settlement through establishment of correspondent banking relationship with each other. Payment is sent via authenticated electronic means.


Very safe. Handled through banks - no risk of losing funds.

Banker's Cheque

Making payments within a confined vicinity or town e.g. Phnom Penh. Read More

National Bank of Cambodia Cheque

For those who pay their utilities in Khmer Riel without the inconvenience of bringing a large amount of cash with them. The NBC Cheque is only honored within the Kingdom of Cambodia.Read More