Banker's Guarantee

For tendering of projects or performance of contracts.

Acceptable Collateral

 Factories, shop-houses
 Residential properties
 Industrial and agricultural land
 Fixed deposit / cash deposit / earmarking of      account
 Specific debenture on plant & machinery      financed by the Bank
 Corporate guarantee
 Personal / Directors' guarantee

Repayment Term

 Up to 1-year maximum repayment subject to renewal.


 Competitive pricing

Eligibility (general)

 Borrowers with good track record, strong cash-flow and sound management.

Documentary and Clean Collection

A service to importers and exporters where the Bank acts as an agent to collect financial and commercial documents.Read More

Shipping Guarantee

A joint guarantee by the Bank and the importer to obtain the release of goods imported before the arrival of shipping documents.Read More

Letter of Credit

A facility offered to importers to facilitate importation of goods through the issuance of a letter of credit in favor of the seller-beneficiary.Read More